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Who We Are:

We are a Peruvian blood company made up of people who have closely watched the reality of the artisans of our country. We have verified firsthand their ability to produce high quality elements, as well as their difficulty in positioning them in suitable points of sale that allow them to reach their potential customers. In response to this, we provide complete logistics without intermediaries, empowering producers and providing their customers with the possibility of acquiring unique products at a fair price.

Art runs through the Peruvian Vein, it implies tradition and culture. It produces beauty and love.


Articulate unconventional Peruvian products to the market. Accompany innovative and creative Peruvians to consolidate their businesses through the opening to the world market.


That Vena Peruvian products are recognized worldwide for their quality and that producers manage to keep alive a tradition that runs through the veins of our country.

What we do?


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Our main offices are located in the center of the San Isidro district. From there, all the work of Vena Peruvian is coordinated.

Vena Peruvian Outlets

Soon we will be informing you about the launch of our first 2 outlets. Lima and Cusco 2020.

Vena Peruvian Spaces

Our Vena Peruvian spaces are versatile and allow travelers from all over the world to acquire our products at strategic points.