Art runs through the Peruvian vein,

It implies tradition and culture,

It produces beauty and love.

In 2006 we took the products of 4 artisan chains to the Museum of Archeology of Pueblo Libre. Since then, we have participated directly or indirectly in the organization of various craft fairs in Cusco. In 2009 we took the products of 2 lines of artisans to North America and Europe. We have participated twice with Peruvian artisans at the Milan fair, which brings together more than 4 million visitors. Since 2016 we participate in fairs in Costa Rica, Mexico and the United States. 

Until then we were direct articulators of Peruvian artisans, today we are Vena Peruvian.

In our travels, Pablo, Teófilo, Flavia and Claudio, told us about their children. Some are driving a taxi, others work in mining and construction or are looking for various jobs, "safer and more profitable"; all, without a doubt, carry in their blood the Peruvian folk art.

We have confirmed with resignation the reality that an ancient tradition is being lost in their homes.

Hilda and Julia, however, were the ones who told us the story that most caught our attention. They found in a store on Triunfo Street, half a block from the Plaza de Armas de Cuzco, a fabric made by their own hands and asked for its price. It was six times the value at which they had sold it. Hilda is talkative and wondering, has wavy hair and thick hands. We had to inquire, but the reality was evident. The merchants soon explained that if they do not pay commissions to the guides, they have no way to attract customers.

Having participated closely in the reality of the business that revolves around Peruvian artisans, we have been able to know their difficulties. We have accompanied them over several years in their attempt to move forward at the point of effort and dedication.

They produce products of the highest quality without perceiving the return in the same proportion, since they must feed a chain of intermediaries that far from strengthening this important sector make it less and less competitive.

We are Peruvians and we are interested in reversing this situation. That is why, in response, vena peruvian provides complete logistics without intermediaries, empowering producers and providing customers with the possibility of acquiring unique products at a fair price.

From a powerful concept and a communicational work aimed at an attractive audience for the artisan market, Vena Peruvian is able to reach objective customers at the precise time and place for the purchase to be productive.

Our virtual platform and our physical sales spaces are located in strategic places so that corporate travelers and tourists can use handmade products as souvenirs of their stay in our country.

On the other hand, the logistics structure that we have developed is of such a high impact that without the need for intermediaries or additional costs, we can offer high-quality products at a fair and accessible price, which undoubtedly increases the sales volume.

With all this we aim to save the ancestral work of our artisans and value it to the point that far from disappearing, be elevated to the level of prestige it really deserves.

The artisans carry the ancestral energy of their parents and theirs, and do not always manage to feed their children.